Hi, my name is Zhu(Ellen) Wang. I am currently a Ph.D student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago.I used to work at ADVIS Lab, advised by Prof. Isabel Cruz(In Memoriam). Currently, I am advised by Prof. Saythi Ravi, and work on multimodal analysis of vision and language models.

My research interests are primarily in Deep Learning models and Graph Mining. Particularly, I am working on their interdisciplinary field therein to solve multimodal problems, especially on vision and language related tasks, such as VQA, visual reasoning and open-vocabulary object detection. My future research directions mainly focus on applying AI technologies for science, such as biology, pyschology and social science.

"Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it." --Marie Curie


  • [11/2023] I have given a few talks on “Multimodal Representation Learning and applications” at CS418@UIC, IM Lab@Uchicago, NICO@Northwestern, and Zhen’s Radiation Oncology lab@Uchicago!
  • [10/2023] Participate OAEI2023
  • [09/2023] New paper is accepted by NeurIPS23! 🆕
  • [08/2023] New paper is accepted by OM2023 long paper!🆕
  • [10/2022] Participate OAEI2022
  • [05/2022] Start research intern at CCCIS
  • [10/2021] Participate OAEI2021