On-going Projects:

Multimodal analysis of Vision-and-Language Models

  1. Implicit Differentiable Outlier Detection Enable Robust Deep Multimodal Analysis (${\color{blue}NeurIPS \space 2023}$) [paper] [code]
  2. Improving open-vocabulary SAM Segmentation using Diffused Cuts [under review]

Ontology matching with deep models:

  1. Boostrapping using knowledge graph embedding [paper] [code] [OEAI2021]
  2. Using large pre-training languange models [paper][OAEI2022]
  3. Contextualized Structural Self-supervised Learning for Ontology Matching (${\color{blue}OM \space 2023}$) [paper] [code]


  1. Accelerated Neural Network Training with Rooted Logistic Objectives [paper]

Past Projects:

Boosting a transformer-based car demaged panel predictions by knowledge graph and GNN (Research intern project at CCC)

Predictive analysis for public healthcare:

  1. Impact of COVID-19 on Education Based on Geotagged Twitter [paper] [UIC CS News]
  2. Exploring Yelp Data to Predict Foodborne Illness in Chicago Area [paper]


Reviewers: ICAT2021,AISTAT 2023,NeurIPS 2023, ICLR 2024, AISTAT 2024, Guest Editor of the Special issue on Ontology Matching and Machine Learning of the Semantic Web Journal.